Halloween Update

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a wonderful halloween week! To celebrate, the development team of Pokémon Epsilon wanted to show off some of the newest features that we have in store! In this update, we will be showing off many things, including a new song, a new design for an old character, and our biggest design change of all! Let’s get right into it, starting with:

That’s right, because of the fantastic progress created by IIColor_Spectrum, Pokémon Epsilon will now be officially created through the Unity engine! While this system is still being tested, we hope that by the time of our full release we will be able to show off more animations, more detailed and dimensional maps, and many new features that would’ve been limited by RPGmaker XP! As a result of this, the progress of Pokémon Epsilon’s release may be slowed, so that we can allow ourselves to build this game to the best of our ability!

Next up, our lead musician LJ has been hard at work creating an amazing and extensive soundtrack for the game, to help make the world feel alive and warm! To get a taste at what he’s been working on, here is one of the newest test tracks for Pokémon Epsilon’s battle themes!

Speaking of development, one of the major aspects of the game we have been working on lately was building the characters and story around this new universe. As we have stated before, Pokémon Epsilon will not be the same Vesryn region from Zeta/Omicron, and will instead be focusing on remaking the world entirely. Because of these changes to the “universe” of the Vesryn region, some characters have been redesigned and changed to not only look better, but also help to create a world with more meaning and reason behind each person. To show this, here is the redesign* for one of the gym leaders of the Vesryn region!


Gideon, the stoic grass type gentleman of Onega town’s gym, will be replaced by Fleur, the mysterious pokémon ranger who uses stealth and quick strategy to take down her foes. Think you have what is takes to beat her, and the seven other gym leaders, in order to challenge the Quasar League?

Well, you won’t be alone! Stay tuned for the next update, where we will show off not only the main characters, but also the friends and rivals you will meet along your journey through the Vesryn region!

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