A Brand New Update
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Welcome to the second update of 2018! This week, Pokémon Epsilon received a major facelift, and we’re finally ready to reveal some of the new branding. Alongside this, we are ready to share with you the new summary for the game. We hope this allows all you patient fans to finally dive deeper into the story waiting to be unraveled, and perhaps get a better insight into a special surprise at the end of this update!

We’ve always wanted to have a logo that highlights not only the work and care we’ve put into the story and art of Epsilon, but also something that embodies the overall style of the game. Originally, the old logo was designed to match with the initial intentions of the game: to be a remake of an older generation of fangames. However, with the decision to change Epsilon into its own unique and creative story, we all felt that it was time to find a new design that better suited our vision. To match the logo, we created a new description of the game; something that better covers the focus and feel of the journey in Epsilon. Below, you can see both of these together, to help set the tone for future updates and reveals going forward in the coming months.

Our new logo, Credits to [@koengraphics](https://twitter.com/koengraphics)

Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon.

A Pokémon whose very existence is said to have sparked the creation of the universe around it. Many myths and legends have come from the strange creature’s appearances in the world, but none are more prominently told in the region of Vesryn than those of the Divine Beasts of Arceus.

Legendary creatures of incredible power, they are said to represent all of the known elements of our world. Shrouded in mystery, these creatures have been lost in time to fairy tales and stories. Hidden within the ancient writings of the temple walls in Nyasa Town, their secret has faded from memory. As hundreds and thousands of years wear down the temple, deciphering the clues left behind has become all but impossible.

That is, until the temple gains the interest of two rival groups, each fighting to be the first to uncover this knowledge buried in time. Led by Odin, Team Asgard searches the quiet Nyasa Town, looking for clues to harness the power of Arceus in all of its splendor. On their heels, Team Olympus and their leader Zeus follow closely to try and stop them, bringing Odin back to where he belongs.

Their paths collide within the temple walls and a great power awakens after a millennium of slumber, ready to reshape the history of the world as the Divine Beasts stir once more….

In the coming few weeks you’ll see some more upgrades to our website and blog to reflect our change in logo, but in the meantime, please pardon our dustox.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into the mysteries of Epsilon. Make sure to leave your thoughts about them on our social media or here on the blog post comments! Until next time, we on the Epsilon team leave you with this message…


All reside, confined evermore, until stirred.