March Update
Divine Beasts and Where to Find Them
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Another month, another exciting update from us here at the Pokémon Epsilon development team! Last month we showed you a mysterious pair of silhouettes and a very cryptic message under them…. This month, we plan on a little more as to the nature of these strange creatures. We’ll also share some of the major characters you’ll be meeting on your journey and previews into some of the gameplay features being worked on behind the scenes!

The mascot of a Pokémon game is one of the most important assets of making a good release. The mascots are some of the first major monsters that a player would ever see on the front of a box, and in the fangame community they become symbols of the projects we create. Epsilon is no different, and while Arceus is considered to be the most important legendary Pokémon for the story of the Vesryn region, there are two specific creatures that the player will be spending a lot of the main story racing to find: Divaevus and Maladeux!

These two Pokémon are the first two known members of the Divine Beasts of Arceus. Each of the beasts represent one of the types from the Alpha Pokémon’s special plate items. Divaevus and Maladeux are the most closely related to Arceus because they represent the balance of the Universe’s energies.


Divaevus is the Normal Type Divine Beast, and is said to represent the best of every creature. It is often depicted by humans as an angel on their shoulder that helps guide conflicted souls to the ideal paths of life. Maladeux, the Dark Type Divine Beast, is known for being the opposite of Divaevus: the devil on even the best of man’s shoulders, acting as the voice leading weak-willed humans and Pokémon astray from their proper path. Neither Beast are said to be responsible for people’s choices however. They merely give each individual both sides of the coin, and allow a person’s free will to determine their fate in the universe. Neither is more powerful than the other, and without both of their powers balancing the other, the equilibrium and harmony of the universe might fall into turmoil….

As the main player of the game, you won’t be the only person hunting down Divaevus, Maladeux, and the other Divine Beasts. With Team Asgard and Team Olympus both trying to understand more about the strange new Pokémon that have come to the Vesryn region, there will be more than enough competition to learn about and obtain these Pokémon! Of course, these teams can’t be maintained by just one man. Both Zeus and Odin (of Teams Olympus and Asgard respectively) have Admins by their sides to help lead their teams.

This will be the start of a slow reveal process to show the Admins from each team one by one, giving them all their deserved moment in the spotlight. This month we’ll be starting with the two newest Admins of both teams: Apollo from Team Olympus, and Thor from Team Asgard!


Apollo is a kind-hearted, fiery showman who makes a habit of incorporating his love of music into his battles! He has a very bright personality, acting friendly and making an honest effort to be a good public face for Team Olympus, always sure to help people throughout his travels. Apollo doesn’t always agree with their less planned out attempts at learning more about the plates, though he still cautiously follows Zeus in an effort to take down Team Asgard. He hopes in the process to use the opportunity as a way to spread his name and music around the region!

Thor is the cocky, battle-loving brute of Team Asgard, always keeping his chin held high as he battles trainers with a confident smile on his face at all times. While not always one to think things through or express his inner emotions, he has still proven to be a very loyal and brave follower to Odin’s cause. After being taken in during a darker time in his life, Thor still tries every day to show his devotion to helping Odin achieve his end game, even if following those plans means going against what he might normally believe to be the morally right in dire situations.


Just as in the last update we shared the new logo for Epsilon, it’s not the only logo getting an upgrade. Our artists have been working hard behind the scenes on the new team logos, bringing newfound life to both designs and showcasing the cultures of each team.

To end off this month’s update, the team wanted to take a minute to remind players to follow some of our social medias, where we often post content of progress in the early alpha builds of the game as we keep moving forward. Our lead dev and programmer, Deukhoofd, is one such example. Recently he’s shared new features added to the PC, and the ability of trainers to surf over to battle you across a route if you’re in range! To see more features like these as they’re developed, be sure to follow Deukhoofd and the other developers on their individual Twitters!

What did you think of this month’s update? Do you have any thoughts on the revealed Divine Beasts and Admin Designs? Let us know in the comments of one of our other social media, and keep checking in to stay up to date on news and updates for Pokémon Epsilon.

All reside, confined evermore, until stirred.