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Two Year Anniversary Update
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Happy Easter, Passover, and April Fool’s Day everyone!

For those that don’t know, April 1st, 2016, was the day of Epsilon’s first public reveal, and in the last two years a lot has changed since its inception. Originally a planned recreation of two older fangames, Epsilon has grown into a project with its own story to tell, and its own world to explore!

To celebrate the anniversary, we on the Epsilon team wanted to give you an unofficial game update - so you can still expect something from us by the end of the month as usual. Today we’d like to show off something that is always a fan favorite topic: new Delta Pokémon! Alongside those we’ll feature a showcasing a track from the new music our composer has been making for the project, giving you a firsthand taste of what the world of Vesryn sounds like to explore!

For those who paid close attention last week when we revealed our new Twitter and reddit banner (which can be found at /r/PokeEpsilon for reddit, and @PokemonEpsilon for twitter), this reveal won’t be a complete surprise. Introducing…the Delta Starly line! These Fire/Rock birds have an interesting history to them, having said to originally be birds that hung around volcanos and hotter climates, before a global freeze forced them away from their normal homes in search of warmer climates. The concept art is drawn by Elle and the sprites are by NoNameDummy.

(As a fun little dev factoid, the idea to make Starly a Delta Pokémon started when one of our writers wrote a short scene involving a Starly and one of the main characters in Epsilon. In fact, you may be seeing this bit of writing sooner than you expect!)

In our last update, we revealed two of the plates of Arceus, Divaevus and Maladeux, both based on myths and legends of the canine species. While the rest of the plate forms (each one representing a different Type, and thus different elements to Arceus’ power) are based on other animals, myths and legends, we did want to share just one more dog Pokémon with you. Please say hello to our Fire/Ice Delta Houndour line! Make sure you pet them with care - while they are very good pups, their icy fur has been known to give frostbite to unwary trainers.

Rounding out our April birthday is an original track by our resident musician, LJ. He’s been busy behind the scenes not just making music for Epsilon that sounds good, but also one that stays true to the Pokémon experience. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the Route themes you’ll travel through and explore. You can expect every track and piece of music in Epsilon to be handmade by LJ, so please support him if you can!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these sneak peaks into the Epsilon world!