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Sorting The Species
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Vesryn - a vast region with many sights to see, ranging from beautiful beaches to snowy mountaintops. Even with routes as far as the eye can see, every region still has a finite climate, and thus a finite amount of life that can live in that area. For this month’s update, we want to talk about this active ecosystem of Pokémon as we look at our Pokédex. Along with the Pokédex, we will be showing off some of the new game UI in full animation, along with a brand new Origin Pokémon and two more of the Divine Beasts.

From Generation I until Generation VII, there have been 807 Pokémon that fans have gotten to train, evolve, battle, and raise. While having this wide variety is wonderful for players to interact with and try new Pokémon each time they play, the reality is that all 807 Pokémon were never designed to fit into one region. Epsilon was already planned to insert additional Pokémon encounters with the brand new Origin forms, which would leave us with over 1000 Pokémon to fit into a finite set of routes. Because of this, our Epsilon team reached a decision to cut down the Regional Pokédex. Here is a rundown on some of the main thoughts when making the change:

  • All 807 Pokémon, from Generation I until Generation VII, will be obtainable in some way in Pokémon Epsilon. We will not be adding any official Pokémon beyond Generation VII, regardless of how far along the official games are in comparison to Epsilon. That means no Pokémon from Generation VIII or further.

  • Out of the 807 Pokémon, 500 were chosen to be obtainable in the wild during your journey through our two regions, and are treated as “native” regional Pokémon.

  • The other 307 are considered “exotic” Pokémon, and as such can not be obtained in the wild, but rather must be found through other means. One such example is trading with tourists coming to Vesryn. The rest we’ll leave for you to discover during your journey!

  • Out of the 307 Pokémon not available in the wild, the major groups were removed for specific reasons. For example:

    • Legendaries not important to the two regions.
    • Starter Pokémon, excluding the starters for both regions.
    • Some Pokémon like the early route rodent/bird, the regional bugs, and some pseudo-legendaries have been removed to prevent overcrowding.
    • Some Pokémon that were too similar to others in typing or design were removed, such as some of the Grass/Poison Pokémon, or Pokémon like Foongus when compared to Morelull.
    • Pokémon that did not fit the climate or realistic ecosystem of the two regions, such as tropical Pokémon or some of the Alolan forms.
    • Ultra Beasts were removed from the Regional Pokédex because they do not fit into the story or concept of Epsilon.
  • The Divine Beasts will always be listed at the end of the Pokédex, capping off both Regional and National Pokédexes.

With all of this stated, we hope you can understand why we made this decision, and want to remind players that even if their favorite Pokémon isn’t in the Regional Pokédex, it can still be obtained in other ways somewhere in Epsilon!

To help add to our Pokédex, we have a new Origin species that was recently discovered. Fans who keep up with both the updates and the stories that we post on this website will be familiar with a special Pokémon mentioned in the short story Different (written by our writer yyeshurun). This month, we wanted to unveil that Pokémon in all its glory, so without further ado let’s introduce Oliver’s favorite Pokémon: Ronni, the Origin Aron!


Origin Aron (Bug/Dragon): The Herculean Dragon Pokémon

Despite their small size, Aron are capable of lifting nearly 400 times their own weight. They have light wings built into their hardened exoskeleton, allowing for quick travel across short distances. When confronted with predators, Aron will shrink themselves and present only their horn as protection.

Abilities: Shield Dust, Shell Armor, Sheer Force (Hidden Ability)

Origin Aron

At lv. 50At lv. 100
110 - 157210 - 304
67 - 134130 - 262
40 - 10176 - 196
Sp. Att.:40
40 - 10176 - 196
Sp. Def.:70
67 - 134130 - 262
58 - 123112 - 240
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

Unlike the Origin Houndour line, however, you’ll have to discover for yourself what Aron’s evolutions will look like. Leave a comment about what you think of the design, and what your speculations are for this Origin’s future evolutions and stats!

What good would a Pokédex be without some wonderful UI to show! Below are some of the examples of more UI created by SleepLate (the artist formerly known as DankRabbit), including the Pokédex and some menus!

Lastly, we continue our unveiling of the Divine Beasts. Introducing the Dragon Divine Beast Kalaterne and the Rock Divine Beast Nagathos.


With that, we conclude yet another month of Pokémon Epsilon updates! The Pokédex was a big topic among the team and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this change as well as the rest of the update. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or on our Twitter and Reddit pages.

All reside, confined evermore, until stirred.