November Update
As Cold as Ice
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These last 9 months have been filled to the brim with new content to enjoy for Pokémon Epsilon, and this month will be no different. But for November, we wanted to take a bit of a break from our usual number of reveals in order to show you a bit of what happens behind the scenes, along with giving us some time to plan for a big event next month. This month, we will be showing you some Works In Progress on our music and mapping, along with some commentary on overall production of the game, and talking about progress in story production. We’ll also reveal our final two Divine Beasts, and take a moment to reflect on all the Beasts that have been shown. Lastly, we’ll give you some details for our plans next month, to let you know what to expect. With that being said, let’s dive right in!

When making a new game, especially in a new engine, one of the hardest things to adjust to is working on the new mapping systems. For the team at Epsilon this is no different, and we have been working hard to make the maps detailed and pleasant to look at in a 2.5D styling. Two of these examples are the Routes 2 and 3 maps (both WIPs) from our mapper Chase and former mapper Jaims, shown below:


Of course, these maps take a lot of time and effort, and because of this there are still many more maps and models to be completed before we can consider the game ready to be shown off. If you want to help make the process a bit faster, send in an application as a mapper or 3D modeler here!

Music is an important atmosphere builder, and without it the tone would not quite be the same for any game. LJ, our composer, has had many tracks on the backburner, and today we wanted to show one of his own pieces that is still in production. Here is one of our currently unnamed battle themes for Pokémon Epsilon:

There are dozens of songs still to be shown, and many more tracks to be heard, but every bit of feedback is needed to make them perfect. Please make sure to leave some feedback to help LJ refine his style for everyone to enjoy!

Epsilon is a game made with story in mind. The characters, the world, and even the Pokémon available to the player all tie into a story meant to ensure any and all loose ends or plot holes are removed to keep things as coherent as possible. For the writing team, this has been a daunting task, but a fun one nonetheless. While we can’t show direct snippets of the script like we have so far with music and maps, we wanted to provide an update on where we are going forward. Epsilon has gone through 9 different major scripts, with the current one counting as the 10th. At this time, the game has been written up to the completion of the first demo in its entirety, with the remainder of the game already planned and in production as we work on fine-tuning some of the first demo’s details. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to read some of the stories on the website, as the writing team has worked hard to show their example of work in those pieces, especially our writer Yesh. You can find those stories here at this link.

Ever since March, we have shown you the mythological creatures known as the Divine Beasts. While we normally would’ve wanted to save reveals like this for a later section in the game, as these creatures are what we consider the “important” legendaries in the story, it was important for us to introduce these designs so that we could give players time to adjust to having a set of Fakemon in the game. Furthermore, we wanted to show these designs early despite their importance as the majority of the game revolves around these mythological beasts, starting from the very first scenes in the game. We’ve shown you one for every type in the game, from Normal and Dark all the way down to our final two today: Introducing the Water Divine Beast Posinar, and the Ice Divine Beast Moradi!


With the set completed, the Divine Beasts act as representations for every type and element in the universe of Epsilon. But many more secrets are left to be found in the game about their history, their power, and their purpose in the world. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as we get closer to a release date, so you don’t miss out on all the game has to offer!

As we teased earlier in the update, this month was meant to be a bit lighter in reveals as we have plans for a big event coming in December. To celebrate our first complete year of updates, we wanted to do something we haven’t done before: starting December 13th, we will be having our 12 Days of Epsilon! Every day from December 13th until Christmas Eve, we will share a brand-new reveal on our Twitter page. These can range from new megas, origins, features, maps, music, stories, and so much more! On December 24th we will have our final update posted for 2018 on the website, which will recap all of the reveals from the last 11 days, and end off our event with our biggest surprise thus far - one you won’t want to miss! Make sure you’re watching our Twitter feed for more information as the 12 Days of Epsilon get closer!

We’d love to hear your thoughts below on the final Divine Beasts and your speculation on some of the reveals you’re interested in seeing next month!

All reside, confined evermore, until stirred.